About Us


PMG Chocolatier was started in 2007, but the roots of its founder stretch back decades, and in some ways, even centuries…

Perry Macheras & Ed Ridenbaugh

Perry Macheras founded PMG Chocolatier in 2007. PMG Chocolatier (named, incidentally, for Perry’s initials), opened its first store in Niles, Ohio incorporating the candy kitchen in the back of the store.

During his youth, Perry Macheras would visit his Uncle Charlie Gorant, who with his brother Sam Gorant, founded Gorant Candies back in the 40’s. Although Perry grew up in Lexington, Virginia, his visits to Ohio gave him the chance to work in his Uncle’s candy store. After college, Perry’s passion evolved into a career and he worked with his Uncle to help grow the enterprise, and in particular, develop the retail side of the business.

In 2007, Perry decided it was time to cultivate a personal dream – to create his own brand of chocolates, one that unlocked some of the great traditions of his family, yet added his own personal touch. And so, PMG Chocolatier was born.


Wedding Chocolate Table

PMG Chocolatier is about classic chocolate recipes reinvented for today. All the products are hand-made in small batches, on the premises, with the finest quality chocolate. Signature items featured at PMG Chocolatier include Fresh-Dipped Chocolate Covered Strawberries and other Seasonal Berries, Chocolate Marshmallow Almond Bars, Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeyes, 16 varieties of Caramel Apples and a brand new line of Chocolate Smoothies exclusive to PMG.

The company is also known for its fabulous Custom Chocolate Tables for Weddings and other Special Events, which feature an array of chocolate selections displayed and themed to any occasion.

Perry, along with his business partner, Ed Ridenbaugh, have branched out over the years and have become fully licensed Corporate, Wedding and Event Planners, offering Brides all inclusive packages. Ed works closely with every Bride and their Family. We feel it is their special day and we truly want to make it like no other. Our award winning team of experts work with you every step of the way in order to create that magical moment that will last a lifetime. From the First Kiss to the final “I Do’s” we have you covered.